Friday, 14 September 2012

Busy busy!

We've been so busy! Oh my god!

We did our first ever wedding on Saturday the 1st of September. It was a big day! We were out for about 10 hours and we filled up about 60GB of memory just taking hundreds...and THOUSANDS of photos!

They'll be uploaded to Facebook every now and then to give the lovely bride a sneak peek!
 We're about 70% through all the photos, and she's looking to get 300+ from us!

I think we did well for our first wedding and we couldn't have asked for a better wedding to have covered! Mai was a lovely, cool, calm and relaxed bride...even when she rocked up almost an hour late to the ceremony! Haha "fashionably late"....

 We also covered our first party.
For Katie's 21st, we set up our lights and camera to make a simple photo booth so she and her friends could come on over and get their photos taken together.

 It was a fun evening, and we all had a giggle going through some of the awesome photos that we took!

A few weeks ago we took some lovely maternity shots for Amanda, who was expecting her little girl to be born in a few weeks.

Well! Amanda JUST managed to sneak those maternity shots in because little Charlotte came along 3 days later!

She's a total sweetie and I love the photos that we took. I'm about halfway through editing them and there will be a couple up on Facebook soon.

 And of course, my little man, Max, turned 1 on August 31st. I had a birthday party for him the day after the wedding, so our weekend was exhausting!

KC did a fantastic job capturing some cute moments of Max, especially that bottom one where he is TOTALLY lapping up all the attention as everyone sang happy birthday to him!
I cannot believe I have a 1 year old already!

Thanks for taking the time to read our massive update.
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Have a great weekend guys!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Can you feel it?

 Spring is coming!
The days seem to be warming up, and I can feel winter slipping away.

It was a nice warm day today, so I took my little Max outside and introduced him to his new toy! It was supposed to be a birthday surprise, but I'm terrible at waiting.

He enjoyed splashing around in his pool and digging through his sand pit! It was lovely!

And it was a great opportunity for me to test out and get to know my new lens!
In other news, yesterday we had a shoot with the lovely Carla and her family. We did some maternity photos in the studio, then headed to a local park to get some family photos and some 2 year photos of her son.

Here's a little look at Carla's maternity shoot. :)

Our next two weekends are going to be busy busy!
We have two shoots planned for this Saturday, a lovely family shoot and a 21st birthday. Then on the following Saturday, we have our very first wedding! I am very excited, but very nervous! I went out and bought a speedlight and a new lens for this shoot because I want it to be PERFECT!
Then on the Sunday after the wedding, it's my son's first birthday party! I cannot believe that by this time next week, I'll be spending my last few hours with an 11 month old. Time goes far to quickly.

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Keep your eyes peeled for a competition next Friday, to celebrate my son's first birthday! There will be a FREE family/baby/maternity shoot up for grabs!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Four Lovely Ladies!

 KC and I had the pleasure of shooting with Kelly and her three daughters, Emily, Melie and Olive last week. I've just finished editing all of the photos and they are lovely!

What an adorable family! :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Charlie and Bronte

Last week, KC and I had the pleasure of photographing newborn twins, Charlie and Bronte.

Beautiful, tiny little ladies! They were so lovely!
Little Charlie is the one that is mostly asleep in the photos. She passed out quickly and was a dream to work with!
Little Bronte has a mind of her own, chosing instead to be a little poser.
Eventually both girls drifted off and we got some lovely photos of them!

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with them, they are just beautiful and I am proud of the photos I took.
Hit up our Facebook page for more photos from this shoot, including the photos that KC has taken.

Sunday, 15 July 2012


 We've had the pleasure of working with two amazing families over the past few weeks.

I've finally finished editing all the photos for the White Family, all 50 of them! It was a big task, but there was bound to be a lot of pictures with such a lovely big family!

Here are some of my favourites from the shoot. :)
And yesterday, KC and I worked with Natalie and her children Kayla and Alex. They were fun kids to work with and Mum was awesome.

KC has these photos to edit, so I've just added the few that I took on my camera. There will be more to come soon.

Unfortunately our next few weeks are pretty empty. We don't have anything new planned until mid August! I took a lot of bookings over the past couple of weeks, but they're all for September!

Hopefully we will get some business going. I am very keen to take some more lovely photos and meet some new families!

I hope it comes across in our photography, just how much we ENJOY what we do. We don't do this for the money, that's for sure! This is the inverted pay cheque, we spend more money on our business than we earn! We're not very good entrepreneurs haha. But we do love what we do!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

This week so far.

We've had a nice and busy week here! 
A Tumblr mama meet up on Wednesday,  a family shoot in Noosa with an amazing family and lots of Max time in between. By Max time I mean, chasing my incredibly energetic 10 month old around while he gets into everything!

Here's a sneak peek of our shoot from Thursday, there will be more to come soon!

We shot the beautiful White Family. 7 kids plus Mum and Dad meant we got a lot of experience and SO many photos! Meeting this amazing family was lovely and I would love to work with them again.

And here's a snippet of what Max, Na and myself got up to on Saturday!

Hope you all had a fantastic week! :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bath times.

The boy loves his baths!
When I walk into the bathroom his slow crawls turn to excited gallops as he follows me in.

He stands at the edge of the bath and chats and squeals away as I run the water and put some toys in.

Forever trying to dive right in, I have to stop him as he cocks his leg up to get over the edge.

Once he's in, so begins half an hour of splashing, squealing, chasing toys and examining the plug.

I love sitting with him and just watching him. He is so amazing.